Business Forecast with Machine Learning

The Tech world evolving fast, forecasts are more challenging for investment institutions.
We use machine learning to achieve precise forecasting on frontier sectors:
NG Internet, Cloud Computing, Semiconductor, FinTech, Electric Car etc.

Machine Learning App

Full Business Prediction App for Each Company

  • 30+ machine learning models for each company
  • Accuracy significantly improved
  • Ready to use, improve research efficiency
  • Greatly reduce data processing and modeling work

Financial Outlook

Next 4Q earnings forecast

  • Reinventing earnings outlook
  • Precise earnings forecast
  • Digital dashboard, easy to use

Business Trend

Revenue trend in next 3 years

  • Refine major strategic opportunities
  • More clear long-term business trends

Focus Your Challenges

Technology Insights

Technology Insights

Industry and AI experts collaborate to build finer models.

Asset and Investment

Asset and Investment

Accuracies significantly improved, trends more clear.

Equity Analysis

Equity Analysis

Updated real time, greatly improve work efficiency.

Prediction Models Accuracy

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