AI Earnings Forecaster

Build Amazing AI/ML Tools for Earnings Forecast

Accurate business and earnings forecasts for top large US tech companies in next 12 quarters, driven by cutting-edge AI algorithms, help you seize the opportunities of leading tech companies.

Machine Learning

Full AI/ML Models

  • 30+ machine learning models for each company
  • Financial forecast accuracy significantly improved
  • Reducing data process and modeling, greatly improve efficiency
  • Better understand company fundamentals

Financial Outlook

Next 4Q earnings forecast

  • Reinventing earnings outlook through ML
  • Precise earnings forecast for next 4 quarters
  • Accuracy close to or outperformed Wall Street analysts

Business Trend

Revenue trend in next 3 years

  • Modeling strategic opportunities for next 3 years
  • More clear long-term business trends
  • Help make growth-based decisions

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