Business Analysis with Machine Learning
Precise Forecast for Tech Industry

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The Tech world is evolving fast. Insight and forecast are more challenging for professional investors.

We using machine learning to achieve more precise forecasting, helping you to grasp the disruptive innovation opportunities better.

Building Apps for Business

Apple Business

Business analysis and forecast, by Products and Services, Geography.

Financial outlook in next 4 quarters >

Microsoft Business

Productivity and Business, Intelligent Cloud, and Personal Computing

Business trend in next 3 years >

Amazon Business

Business analysis and forecast, by AWS, Online/Physical Store, Subscription.

The full prediction models by ML >

Focus Your Challenges

Technology Insights

Industry and AI experts collaborate to build finer models.

Asset and Investment

Accuracies significantly improved, trends more clear.

Equity Analysis

Updated real time, greatly improve work efficiency.

Business Prediction Machines

Reinventing Business Forecasting

More accurate forecasts

Analyze business with granularity, offering a more refined analysis and more accurate predictions.

More clear long-term trends

Analyisis more than 30 business metrics in each quarter. It makes long-term business trends more clear.

Build on strategic intentions

Use algorithms to perform scenario analysis on companies’ strategic intents.

Continuous accuracy enhancement

Models are trained and improved based on latest data for continuous enhancement.

Achieving the professional analysts’ level

Final forecasts are close to, or even exceed, the accuracy of Wall Street analysts’ forecasts.

STARVISION.AI is in limited preview release.

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